Professional Makeup Tactics for Hot Weather

We can all agree that the main reason we use makeup is to enhance and bring out our beauty more clearly. However, if makeup is not worn with the right tactic during summer, it does not serve its purpose; instead, it does the opposite. Sticky lipsticks, melting eye shadows and mascara as well as clumpy faces are a common yet disappointing phenomenon in hot weather. Though some people prefer to avoid makeup until summer is over, at one point you will need the makeup.

Thus, knowing a few tips on how to maintain that fabulous look even in hot weather will go a long way. You will not be embarrassed or walk around the streets looking like a clown. Some of the best tips on how to use makeup during hot weather, as recommended by top beauty artists, include:

Using the Waterproof Mascara and Eyeliners

As long as you are up and down during hot seasons, sweating is inevitable. During hot seasons like summer, swimming and all kinds of beach activities are always on the menu. For this, you will need to avoid the ugly raccoons that form around the eyes by using waterproof mascara and eyeliners. This will ensure that it resists sweat and water while in swimming pools or the beach. Make sure you know some eyeliner tips and techniques which are exactly for your eye shape, in order your make up to be even more wonderful. 

Invest in a Primer

The primary purpose of a primer is to give your other makeup creams or powder longer durability. As you use the primer, make sure to only use it around your T-zone, the nose and the cheeks. Applying too much primer makes the skin look unnatural and dull.

Use Sheer Colors on Your Lips and Eyes

Deep colors are beautiful. They always make you standout or make a statement, but in summer, you need to go nude. To lower the messiness that comes with sweating and makeup. Wearing an invisible lip liner and nude or sheer colors of lipstick and lip balms gives you that natural glow that is not affected by setting. Using less visible eyeshadows also reduces the mess that comes with meting eye makeup.

Go Slow on the Powder Usage

A sweaty face combined with powdered makeup will definitely lead into a clumpy face. During summer, keep off powdered blush, eyeshadow or foundation. Instead, use liquid based or creams because they glide on smoothly making your face look natural. Instead of the powder blush, you can use gel or blush stain blended with blush cream for that lasting beautiful summer look you deserve.

Use a Good Base before Wearing the Rest of Your Makeup

Wearing oily makeup during summer will not help you get the less oily and sweaty look; it will make it worse. For a better look, before wearing your makeup, use an oil free moisturizer as well as foundation treatment. You can also spray a makeup setting spray after wearing your makeup. The spray protects the makeup from sliding down your skin.

To enjoy hot weather even better without worries, carry around bloating papers in your purse. The good thing is they are small enough to fit in your bag.