Coba Student Spotlight – Joel

joel student spotlight

Today’s Spotlight is on Joel, he recently joined Coba and is thrilled to be out on the salon floor getting his hands-on training. Join us in getting to know Joel and checkout his video demo!

Why did you choose Coba?

First, I liked the look of the school, and second, the location- I love the Orange Circle it’s an awesome location! When I was researching other schools, I noticed they didn’t quite have the hands-on experience and the personal attention that the instructors here at Coba have. Plus the entire staff is extremely friendly and I’m loving the great camaraderie.

How did you discover your passion for beauty?

My passion for beauty? …[laughs]… I blame my mom for that. Well, just the fact of growing up being a musician and having to look stylish and professional at the same time always put my head into what was current and fashionable at the time, so it’s always been something I’ve always thought about doing.

What advice can you share with potential students who still have their doubts about starting their cosmetology career?

Do away with those doubts, you can definitely find something in yourself to have your personal expression in cosmetology, no one really does a cookie-cutter service, everybody has their unique style of doing hair, nails or makeup.

Lastly, where do you see yourself in five years?

In a salon, with a bunch of friends that I enjoy being around with, and with a great clientele. Maybe by then I’ll have an assistant and I will be able to teach!

To get started and learn more about attending Coba Cosmetology Academy, please email us at or call (714) 633-5950