Coba Student Spotlight – Hailey

hailey student spotlight

Today’s Spotlight is on Hailey, she is soon to graduate and is very excited to see where the beauty industry will take her. Checkout what she demos in our video today.


What did you like best about Coba?

Smaller class sizes and a private school! When I toured schools that were more “commercial” they were indeed bigger and noticed less teachers to students ratio. I liked Coba’s smaller class sizes with more focus and attention on students than the other places.

How did you discover your passion for beauty?

When I was younger I used to do my mom, my step-mom and my dad’s hair. For example I used to put a bunch of goop and glitter in my mom and step-mom’s hair and did pony tails on dad’s hair…and when I was five I said I wanted to be a hairstylist! Later in life I figured out that is what I wanted to do.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Working at a salon, most likely renting a chair and having a big clientele while being able to do whatever I want in the beauty industry, I think that’ll be very cool.

What advice can you share with prospective students who are thinking about starting their beauty career, but are still doubting about it?

Honestly, beauty is the coolest industry I’ve ever been in. I just modeled for NAHA which is like the National Hair Awards and was just in awe watching the stylists build such unique hairstyles, it was just incredible! There’s no limit as to how creative and artistic you can be, it’s like releasing your art on other people, it’s really cool!



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