Successfully Employed Graduates

It’s all too common now days for students to graduate from schools with a useless degree. Students all over the country are finding it difficult to find employment in their field after graduating from a four year university. School is expensive, wouldn’t it be nice to graduate into a field thriving in the job market? With Coba you can achieve just that. Our student success is first priority for us, and we’re happy to say that we’re here for our students from the day they sign up to their first job in a salon.


Successful students are what have kept Coba teaching for over 50 years, and made us one of the top cosmetology schools in California. Our outstanding teachers provide students with the skills and knowledge to be prosperous in their cosmetology careers. Many of our students move on to work in high-end salons following graduation. In fact, The state rate of students who have found jobs in their field after graduating from cosmetology programs is 100%! Coba offers students the opportunity to make a career out of the things they’re passionate about, and that’s what makes it so simple to be successful in our program.


The program is taught by instructors who truly have a passion for what they do and are dedicated to their students. Their hands-on method of teaching is part of the reason so many students choose Coba. Each student graduates feeling prepared for their first job, due to the real salon experience they gain at Coba.


Coba’s prices are competitive, making it affordable for students to graduate from one of California’s top cosmetology schools. And if prices are a problem, financial aid is available to help cut costs. In 2015 95% of the programs graduates used financial aid to assist in paying for their schooling. With such high job placement rates, students generally find it simple to begin their career right after graduation and quickly pay off their loans.


The skills and knowledge learned at Coba provide graduates with better opportunities and higher paying jobs. Higher-end salons often charge clients more and in-turn cosmetologists are compensated better. When searching for a salon to work at, Coba students find themselves well prepared for their auditions and ready to compete for those better jobs.


It’s important to find a career doing something you enjoy. If cosmetology is something you’re passionate about, call Coba today and see how graduating from one of the top cosmetology schools in California can kick start your career!