Curriculum Designed for a Smooth Transition into the Working World

Choosing among the hundreds of schools available to you for your cosmetology career can be overwhelming and stressful. It’s important to find a school that doesn’t just teach you the basics of hair and makeup, but also how to be successful in a working environment and prepare you for the business aspect of your cosmetology career as well. This is exactly what COBA offers it’s students. Leading industry professionals have worked hard to put together a full curriculum that will not only produce skilled cosmetologists, but condition them to successfully manage their finances, licenses, and other business related aspects of their cosmetology career as well.


Whether your dream is to own your own salon, or you’re just looking to rent a chair at an already existing salon, knowing how to run a business is important knowledge for any cosmetologist. COBA ensures that it’s students are ready to handle whatever life in the working world throws their way. Students are put through business courses and guided through how to handle real life situations both in the salon and in the office. Their groomed on the importance of keeping their records, finances, and licenses organized and up-to-date. Students graduate with a high understanding of how to run a business and how to keep their clients happy.


Their curriculum is ever changing, keeping up with the latest trends and styles, so that students finish school feeling confident they’ll be able to keep up with their client’s demands. Classes are interactive and engaging, and small classes make it easy for students to get the one-on-one time they need with their instructors. COBA selectively employs leading salon professionals with a passion to teach, providing students with eager instructors and long lasting student-teacher relationships, for a successful cosmetology career.


After learning the ins and outs of the salon, and the skills necessary to provide clients with the look they desire, students are trained in a salon setting inside the school. In the salon, students perform regular salon services on real customers, under teacher instruction. Their experience in the salon makes for a smooth and easy transition after graduation. Students are comfortable using their skills by the time they graduate, and already at-home in a salon setting, eliminating any nervousness or hesitation they may have otherwise when starting in a real salon.


COBA is invested in each of it’s student’s cosmetology careers and truly there for their students every step of the way from the moment they apply to the start of their very first job. Choosing a new career can be challenging, but starting your new cosmetology career can be easy with COBA.