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You ready for the wedding?

Once a wedding is over with, what do your guests remember the most? If you want to make a truly memorable wedding, it’s not necessary to make everything perfect. There are some things that need some extra attention. You want to leave happy memories of the special occasion for everyone involved.

Tiny details like embossing on the invitations aren’t going to stick in the minds of your guests. What they truly remember is how different aspects of the ceremony made them feel. Thus, aesthetic appreciation is important. Focus on these things for your wedding and you’ll be sure to leave your guests with a good impression.

Your Guest List

Making a guest list can be really simple or really difficult. The easy answer is to invite who you want to invite, but if you already know people in your families don’t get along, that could ruin their appreciation for the wedding and could even cause drama. Depending on who they are, there may be no easy way around it but forward. Still, don’t leave someone off that you really do want to have at your special day. Always remember that you and your spouse’s needs are at the center of a wedding.

Wedding Makeup

wedding markup

The aesthetics of a wedding is a big part of the occasion, and it all starts with makeup. Yes, even before dresses! All of the important members of the wedding should look their best. Getting a professional makeover for the women, at least for the bride, will help them put their best face forward. The bride will appreciate looking her best as she receives all the guests. Your men should also look good!

Wedding band

wedding bands

Ideally, you and your spouse will be wearing your bands for the rest of your lives, so you should definitely make sure you like them. Whether or not others do really doesn’t matter, but people are going to want to look at them during the reception. Therefore, wear something you’re proud of and flatters your hand. Price doesn’t matter so long as the wedding bands are the right ones and look good on you.

Venue and Comfort

Most people aren’t going to remember the exact details of the venue decorations, but they will remember how they made them feel. The decorations should be tasteful and fit your chosen color scheme. Your guests should also be comfortable during the wedding and the reception. If you choose to have an outdoor venue, take care of the comfort of the guests. Make sure they’re not too hot or cold as best as you can predict. You don’t want your wedding to be the one where everyone baked in their finery or froze.


There is a reason that brides agonize over dress selection. It is a something special that they’ll only wear once (hopefully!) But the other members of the wedding party must also look good. Try to find clothing for the bridesmaids and groomsmen that match appropriately and flatters everyone’s figure. Easier said than done, but so important!


Again, people aren’t going to remember every little detail of the ceremony. However, wedding ceremonies do leave an impression. If you’re having a traditional religious wedding, the details of the ceremony may be very crucial for everyone there to feel like it’s an authentic one. But even in a secular wedding you can’t be TOO irreverent lest your guests think that you’re mocking the ceremony. Then again, if both families prefer a humorous wedding, go for that strange theme!


Guests expect food and drink at a reception and it doesn’t need to be super fancy. But it does need to fill them up enough so they don’t feel hungry or thirsty. The decision for alcohol or not is a personal choice, but if you choose to have it, make sure some people are sober to maintain order in the crowd.

As far as the cake goes, make sure there is enough for everyone. The enjoyment of eating it will be more immediate than the joy of looking at the pristine cake before cutting. Also, couples, agree on how you’re going to cut the cake and feed it to each other beforehand!

For entertainment, most will be satisfied with a place to sit, some music, and a place to dance, but that will depend on your culture and family traditions. If there are special after-wedding ceremonies to follow, don’t neglect them without good reason.

People don’t remember details. They remember how an event made them feel. If you keep this principle in mind, you’ll leave everyone with happy memories of your wedding.


From Runway to Real Life: Winter 2016-2017 Beauty Trends

Usually when we watch runway shows, the first thing that we think how we can incorporate it in our day to day life. Though many runway looks may seem too risky, there are many aspects in each look that can easily and beautifully be transferred to our everyday life. Usually when it comes to clothing you’ll have to get new items, but with makeup and hair you can always play around and try on some trendy looks. To help you with that, we’ve breakdown all the winter 2016-2017 beauty runway trends you can incorporate in real life.

Bold dark lips

From deep burgundy,brown,purple to even black lips were very common on Fall-Winter 2016-2017 runways. Fashion houses such as Dior, Marc Jacobs and Vivienne Westwood let their models to walk through the runway wearing the darkest lip shades we can imagine. Though black lipstick can be too bold for someone, there are still many deep burgundy or brown shades that will look in trend and won’t also make you uncomfortable. Especially paired with minimal eye makeup this trend is quite wearable.

bold dark lips

Graphic eyeliner

Bored of wearing usual cat eye every single day? Looking for more creativity in your eye look? Then this graphic eyeliner trend is definitely for you. There are no boundaries when it comes to graphic eyeliner. Just take a black eyeliner of your choice and start creating. For inspiration you can take a look on different runway shows of high end fashion houses such as Chanel, Givanchy and Celine.

graphic eyeliner

Shine bright like a ….Glitter

Bold lips and graphic eyeliner aren’t for you, and your missing some sparkle in your life? Fashion world still has you covered! Something that seemed to be an Instagram trend slipped into the fashion shows and filled runways with glitter. Glitter eyes, glitter lips even glitter face. If you like to shine and sparkle this is the right time to wear some glitter and don’t worry about not being trendy.


Fashion houses like Versace, Burberry and Giambattista Valli used so much glitter on their runway shows, that you can take an inspiration from.

Time to bring some texture back into your life

If you are lucky enough you already have some texture in you hair, that you were trying to smooth out all this time. Stop and embrace it. Your hair is in trend now. And if you don’t have any texture in your hair, then grab a curling iron and some texturizing spray and start creating it. Big, textured hairstyles could be seen everywhere on the runway shows like Diane von Furstenberg, Missoni and Zac Posen.

winter 2016-17 hair style trends


Now tie the knot… with your hair

Don’t like wearing your hair down? You can still be trendy. Just turn your daily ponytail or bun into knots and you’re good to go. It’s easy, beautiful and also interesting. Take examples from runway shows like Marchesa, Oscar de la Renta and Valentino.

tie the knot winter 2016-17 hair style trend

All these trends are so easy to incorporate in your daily life. Pick the ones that are the most appealing to you and be trendy!

COBA Partners with Poise Makeup Professional

coba-partners-poiseWe’re excited to announce that we have partnered with Poise Makeup Professional.  Poise Makeup Professional is a Los Angeles based studio with over two decades of experience in the skincare and cosmetic industry.

They have created a high quality makeup that “exceeds the standard for artists”.  Their products are made in the USA and are the result of extensive research and direct collaborations with their chemists.  The education team from Poise Makeup has proven to be great support to our academy with hands on demonstrations, making time to show our students all the latest trends in makeup.

Just last night Michelle from Poise Makeup Professional was here demonstrating FX special effects makeup-and our students were busy creating gruesome looks for Halloween.  It was a fun and educational night and we’re looking forward to more demos.  Thank you Poise Makeup Professional!

Eyeliner Tips and Techniques for Different Eye Shapes

Eyeliners have been around for ages. Its root go deep into ancient Egypt.

Back at that times people used different types of eyeliners to achieve variety of eyeliner designs and shapes. The most popular one and the one that lasted till nowadays and will probably still be around for many other ages is khol pencil. Though at that time they were wearing an eyeliner around their eyes mainly to protect themselves from evil eye, it had an irreplaceable impact on the beauty world.

eye-shapesWhat’s the first thing you remember when hearing Cleopatra’s name ? Her strong eyeliner game, right? Taking her as an icon of beauty and femininity throughout ages thousands of people started the mass use of eyeliners.

As much as it is appealing to wear eyeliner on daily bases, it can become a waste of time and energy and look like a mess if you don’t know how to apply an eyeliner on your eye shape.

First let’s break down the types of eye shapes and see what’s your type?

Take a mirror and look straight. Pay attention on several very important features:

  • Are your eyes set close or far from each other?
  • Are the outer corners of your eyes turned up or down?
  • Can you easily see your eyelids or are they hidden?

If this questions didn’t help, look into the photo below and see if you notice a resemblance with your eyes.

Now when you’ve understood your eye shape let’s see what’s the most flattering eyeliner design for you.


Eyeliner tips and techniques for Wide Set Eyes


First thing that you want to remember when working with wide set eyes is, that your main goal is to bring them closer.

Pay extra attention on inner corners of the eyes and define them with eyeliner, visually trying to make new closer set inner corners. This will also make your eyes look more almond like.



Eyeliner tips and techniques for Close Set Eyes


If with wide set eyes you want to bring them closer, with close set eyes it’s the opposite. You want to make the eyes appear farther from each other.

Start applying the eyeliner from the middle of the eyelid instead of the corners and bring it to the outer corner.

By leaving the inner half of the lid bare you make the illusion that eyes are set far enough from each other.


Eyeliner tips and techniques for Droopy Eyes


The main goal with droopy eyes is to make the appear narrower and upturned. Achieving that is very easy. All you need is to line the eye all around pulling the wing up from the outer corners. And do not forget to cover the waterline with dark liner as well. That’s the most crucial part.


And last but not least…


Eyeliner tips and techniques for Hooded Set Eyes

Eyeliner tips and techniques for Hooded Set Eyes

Hooded eyes must be the most difficult and tricky eye shape for applying an eyeliner.

You should always keep in mind that with hooded eyes your wing won’t look the same closed and open.

Keep your eyes open when you are applying the liner. Mark the places you want your wing to start and end. Then fill it in.

Your wing with closed eyes should have a resemblance with airplane wing, in order to turn into a smooth liner with your eyes open.

Now that you’ve learned how to apply eyeliner on your eye shape, take whichever kind of eyeliner you want (khol, gel or liquid) and wing it!

Secrets for full coverage, yet not cakey makeup

It’s not a secret, that most of us strive to get that perfect even, healthy looking, glowy skin, but there are some secrets that can help you achieve that perfection and still avoid looking like wax figure.

You might have tried different techniques, different products to achieve that perfect base, and yet somehow something keep on falling. To stop your struggles and insure your perfect base on daily bases we’ve collected some secret tips, that will take your makeup game on whole another level, if you have decided to take a path of becoming a makeup artist, contact us and get it started.

Dry patches

us_vsl_13oz_jelly_original_69100_400x470_tcm2858-1136593Even though you’ve moisturized your skin prior applying your foundation, you still can see parts on your skin that look fleaky? You can easily avoid that by paying extra attention to your dry patches before applying the foundation. Apply a drop of facial serum (for e.g. Rose deep hydration face serum by fresh is amazing for smoothing your skin) or even a little petroleum jelly on your dry patches 5 minutes prior applying your foundation. After letting it sit on your face simply pat it with paper towel to take away the access and then start the application.


Full coverage foundation

full coverage foundationsMay sound pretty obvious, but let’s break it down a little more. By  using just one thin layer of full coverage foundation you’ll achieve much more even looking skin, than if you use several layers of lightweight foundation. The latter will stick to dry patches and make your face super cakey.

There are plenty of great full coverage foundations in the market, like Estee Lauder Double Wear , MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear  and Make Up For Ever Ultra HD foundations.


Taking your time

Usually in the mornings we rush out of the house and don’t have time for applying any makeup, let alone spending extra 10-15 minutes on it. But if you really want to have that perfect base and not look like a plastic doll you have to take your time. Blending and letting each layer of the product set for about 5 minutes before applying another step  is very important, so try to save time for that.


From the first glimpse buffing technique may seem a little surreal, because it’s basically applying  extra powder on your skin, which , let’s be honest, seems to be something that causes cakeyness on the first place.

But this technique is actually doing the opposite. By applying a significant amount of colored powder (both pressed and loose works the same) all over your face and buffing it out in circular motion makes your face look flawless and not at all cakey.

Fixing the caked up patches

Fixing the caked up patches You’ve followed all the above mentioned techniques, but yet your makeup looks too cakey on some parts of your skin (which is almost impossible), don’t panic, there is still a hope. Take a damp beauty sponge, pure couple drops of facial oil (Farsali Rose Gold Elixir is amazing for this) on it (you can also use natural peach oil, jojoba oil and so on) and softly pat it on the dry patches and they’ll be gone like magic.


This steps are quite easy to perform, and you’ll never regret spending a little extra time on following them. Try it once and I promise you, you’ll never go back to your old makeup routine.


Smokey Eye Workshop- Reserve Your Spot

smokey eye


WHEN: Monday, July 11,2016 AT 10:30 AM to 2:00PM

Want to know how to really do a smokey eye that is right for your features and look? Look no further, we’ll show you a dramatic approach to the smokey eye that will also be perfect for your eye shape and your look. We’ll walk you through the process of choosing pigments that accentuate your eye color, layering eye shadow and creating the most amazing effects with the smallest amount of product. Build the confidence as a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician to recreate this popular, dramatic and sultry look.

Hands-on Workshop:

Our 3.5-hour workshops includes a one-hour live demonstration, and two hours of hands-on practice. There is a 30-minute break for participants to set up a station. Workshops are open to anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of make-up application and learn more about the amazing career opportunities as a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician. The instructional objective for this workshop is for the participant to be able to apply a dramatic smokey eye on others or yourself.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
LIMITED SPACE! Only 25 spots available, must call or text 714-497-9736 to register.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

All workshop attendees will receive a 10% off tuition discount towards our cosmetology and esthetician program.

Note: we do not provide products or tools for the hands-on portion of the class and we encourage participants to bring their own make-up and brushes.

Tools recommended to bring:
eye lashes
eye primer
cream color pigment base
face primer
setting powders
brow pallet
lip liner
lip stick
makeup brushes

Coba Cosmetology’s Esthetician Program


Now Offering

Coba Cosmetology Academy’s Esthetician program classes start May 2nd!

Schedule: Monday-Friday 8:30am-3pm

Completion Time: 5 months with perfect attendance

About the Program:

The Esthetician program is 600 hours in length and can be completed in just 5-months with perfect attendance. The program will give you hands-on training in skincare techniques with the latest equipment including microdermabrasion.  Our goal is to prepare you for a career in this growing industry and become a skincare professional to work in a health spa, beauty spa, salon or dermatological office.

Nail Care Tips

Nail Care

Update your nail care routine with these easy tips:

  • Try taking biotin –shown to be helpful for strengthening and growing our nails
  • Keep your nails trimmed – surprisingly the more you trim them the more they grow
  • Wear dish gloves when doing the dishes, the hot, soapy water can weaken your nails





Coba Student Spotlight – Michy

michy frame

Today’s Spotlight is on Michy, she just graduated and learned so much at Coba. Join us in getting to see what she loved most about Coba Cosmetology School and checkout her video demo!

What did you like best about Coba?

My instructors. They taught me really well, and they really made me feel like family.

What is your favorite fashion trend right now?

I think it would be the crazy hair colors, nowadays everyone’s popping out with red hair, blue hair, and pink hair so it’s more of a freestyle.

What advice can you share with prospective students that are thinking about getting into the beauty industry?

Just go for it, money shouldn’t be an issue, there are so many ways to pay for your education -just do it! Yes, at the end of the day you might have to be repaying for your education but keep in mind you’re going to get something greater and rewarding out of your beauty career.

To get started and learn more about attending Coba Cosmetology Academy, please contact email us at or call (714) 633-5950