COBA Partners with Poise Makeup Professional

coba-partners-poiseWe’re excited to announce that we have partnered with Poise Makeup Professional.  Poise Makeup Professional is a Los Angeles based studio with over two decades of experience in the skincare and cosmetic industry.

They have created a high quality makeup that “exceeds the standard for artists”.  Their products are made in the USA and are the result of extensive research and direct collaborations with their chemists.  The education team from Poise Makeup has proven to be great support to our academy with hands on demonstrations, making time to show our students all the latest trends in makeup.

Just last night Michelle from Poise Makeup Professional was here demonstrating FX special effects makeup-and our students were busy creating gruesome looks for Halloween.  It was a fun and educational night and we’re looking forward to more demos.  Thank you Poise Makeup Professional!

Eyeliner Tips and Techniques for Different Eye Shapes

Eyeliners have been around for ages. Its root go deep into ancient Egypt.

Back at that times people used different types of eyeliners to achieve variety of eyeliner designs and shapes. The most popular one and the one that lasted till nowadays and will probably still be around for many other ages is khol pencil. Though at that time they were wearing an eyeliner around their eyes mainly to protect themselves from evil eye, it had an irreplaceable impact on the beauty world.

eye-shapesWhat’s the first thing you remember when hearing Cleopatra’s name ? Her strong eyeliner game, right? Taking her as an icon of beauty and femininity throughout ages thousands of people started the mass use of eyeliners.

As much as it is appealing to wear eyeliner on daily bases, it can become a waste of time and energy and look like a mess if you don’t know how to apply an eyeliner on your eye shape.

First let’s break down the types of eye shapes and see what’s your type?

Take a mirror and look straight. Pay attention on several very important features:

  • Are your eyes set close or far from each other?
  • Are the outer corners of your eyes turned up or down?
  • Can you easily see your eyelids or are they hidden?

If this questions didn’t help, look into the photo below and see if you notice a resemblance with your eyes.

Now when you’ve understood your eye shape let’s see what’s the most flattering eyeliner design for you.


Eyeliner tips and techniques for Wide Set Eyes


First thing that you want to remember when working with wide set eyes is, that your main goal is to bring them closer.

Pay extra attention on inner corners of the eyes and define them with eyeliner, visually trying to make new closer set inner corners. This will also make your eyes look more almond like.



Eyeliner tips and techniques for Close Set Eyes


If with wide set eyes you want to bring them closer, with close set eyes it’s the opposite. You want to make the eyes appear farther from each other.

Start applying the eyeliner from the middle of the eyelid instead of the corners and bring it to the outer corner.

By leaving the inner half of the lid bare you make the illusion that eyes are set far enough from each other.


Eyeliner tips and techniques for Droopy Eyes


The main goal with droopy eyes is to make the appear narrower and upturned. Achieving that is very easy. All you need is to line the eye all around pulling the wing up from the outer corners. And do not forget to cover the waterline with dark liner as well. That’s the most crucial part.


And last but not least…


Eyeliner tips and techniques for Hooded Set Eyes

Eyeliner tips and techniques for Hooded Set Eyes

Hooded eyes must be the most difficult and tricky eye shape for applying an eyeliner.

You should always keep in mind that with hooded eyes your wing won’t look the same closed and open.

Keep your eyes open when you are applying the liner. Mark the places you want your wing to start and end. Then fill it in.

Your wing with closed eyes should have a resemblance with airplane wing, in order to turn into a smooth liner with your eyes open.

Now that you’ve learned how to apply eyeliner on your eye shape, take whichever kind of eyeliner you want (khol, gel or liquid) and wing it!