Secrets for full coverage, yet not cakey makeup

It’s not a secret, that most of us strive to get that perfect even, healthy looking, glowy skin, but there are some secrets that can help you achieve that perfection and still avoid looking like wax figure.

You might have tried different techniques, different products to achieve that perfect base, and yet somehow something keep on falling. To stop your struggles and insure your perfect base on daily bases we’ve collected some secret tips, that will take your makeup game on whole another level, if you have decided to take a path of becoming a makeup artist, contact us and get it started.

Dry patches

us_vsl_13oz_jelly_original_69100_400x470_tcm2858-1136593Even though you’ve moisturized your skin prior applying your foundation, you still can see parts on your skin that look fleaky? You can easily avoid that by paying extra attention to your dry patches before applying the foundation. Apply a drop of facial serum (for e.g. Rose deep hydration face serum by fresh is amazing for smoothing your skin) or even a little petroleum jelly on your dry patches 5 minutes prior applying your foundation. After letting it sit on your face simply pat it with paper towel to take away the access and then start the application.


Full coverage foundation

full coverage foundationsMay sound pretty obvious, but let’s break it down a little more. By  using just one thin layer of full coverage foundation you’ll achieve much more even looking skin, than if you use several layers of lightweight foundation. The latter will stick to dry patches and make your face super cakey.

There are plenty of great full coverage foundations in the market, like Estee Lauder Double Wear , MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear  and Make Up For Ever Ultra HD foundations.


Taking your time

Usually in the mornings we rush out of the house and don’t have time for applying any makeup, let alone spending extra 10-15 minutes on it. But if you really want to have that perfect base and not look like a plastic doll you have to take your time. Blending and letting each layer of the product set for about 5 minutes before applying another step  is very important, so try to save time for that.


From the first glimpse buffing technique may seem a little surreal, because it’s basically applying  extra powder on your skin, which , let’s be honest, seems to be something that causes cakeyness on the first place.

But this technique is actually doing the opposite. By applying a significant amount of colored powder (both pressed and loose works the same) all over your face and buffing it out in circular motion makes your face look flawless and not at all cakey.

Fixing the caked up patches

Fixing the caked up patches You’ve followed all the above mentioned techniques, but yet your makeup looks too cakey on some parts of your skin (which is almost impossible), don’t panic, there is still a hope. Take a damp beauty sponge, pure couple drops of facial oil (Farsali Rose Gold Elixir is amazing for this) on it (you can also use natural peach oil, jojoba oil and so on) and softly pat it on the dry patches and they’ll be gone like magic.


This steps are quite easy to perform, and you’ll never regret spending a little extra time on following them. Try it once and I promise you, you’ll never go back to your old makeup routine.