Why Choose a Career in Cosmetology

In an age where every one is so concerned with their personal appearance, it only makes sense that the beauty business is booming! California specifically, is known for its glamour and adornment. Men and women of all ages are shoveling out their hard earned cash, to re-enact the latest look and style of their favorite celebrity. On Average women spend over $700 on hair services and hair product alone! That’s not including waxing, skin care, and other beauty regimen.


It’s no secret that the world is becoming more and more concerned with their looks, and it’s only benefiting the ever-growing beauty industry. Now is the time to take advantage of recent trends and start a career in an industry that is only projected to grow! Cosmetology is time-less, it’s an industry that will always be a necessity to millions of people. If you’re considering a career in cosmetology, you probably already understand the importance of a well-trained hair stylist, or an expert esthetician. While new products are always being produced for at home hair color or hair removal, cosmetologist understand that these are only new opportunities for color corrections and touch ups. There will never be a substitution for a good cosmetologist.


A traditional bachelors degree requires four years of education, and often times even longer if you’d like to find a career in your realm of study. It can be aggravating a grueling to finish school, and even more frustrating to find a job when you do finish! Cosmetology school can be finished in as few as 8 months or up to two years. Depending on what works best for your schedule COBA offers both night and day classes.. The average full cosmetology program can be completed in 10-16 months, with hands on training and guidance. With a cosmetology license you’re in control of your own future. The job pool is limitless, whether you decide to work for a company or open your own business there is no shortage of jobs available.


Embark on a career you love! Many Americans spend thousands of dollars to attend a four-year university and end up working a 9-5 job they don’t even like! In fact, the average cost of tuition per year at a state college is around $7,000, and $26,000 at a private college. Multiply that by four and you’ve got yourself a degree, minus books and lab fees of course. That’s enough to make any student hesitate. On average, cosmetology school will cost about the equivalent of one year at a state college. It’s estimated that most cosmetology programs end up being between $7,000 and $15,000. That’s it! Most programs even offer financial aid.



A license in cosmetology means the freedom to create your own schedule, pick your own clients, or even specialize in something you really love doing. Few industries are as progressive and rewarding as the beauty industry. It seems so frivolous to shell out enough money to buy a house, to get a degree in something you don’t love, or even worse- never end up using. Why spend your entire life sitting behind a desk, when you could be helping to build somebodies confidence or changing people’s entire outlook of them selves for the better. Cosmetology is a fulfilling industry with never ending opportunity.