Find Your Passion

The beauty industry covers a wide range of salon services. Coba ensures each student graduates with the skills and knowledge to perform all the essential salon services it takes to work in SoCal cosmetology. Whether you’re hoping to specialize in nail art, or you’re planning to focus more on hair services, Coba prepares it’s students for the careers they intend to pursue.


Coba’s salon is open to the public, and offers a full menu of services for both men and woman. Each student is trained to perform all services, and practices in the salon for months prior to graduating. This hands-on technique of teaching helps to prepare students to work after graduation, as well as teaches them the appropriate ways to deal with clients in all different situations. Our students graduate feeling confident in their skills and ready to embark on a career they love.


Our students have the opportunity to try all aspects of salon work, and most find a passion for things they didn’t anticipate they would! Many start out with an idea of what direction they’d like to go after graduation, but after months of earning new skills and techniques they’re surprised to find other services they enjoy working in as well.


Not only does Coba prepare students by training them in a multitude of different services, but they also take the time to train students on the not so obvious aspects of SoCal cosmetology. Graduates are prepared to handle the business end of a salon as well as trained in what it takes to make a salon successful. Our students understand that to be successful in the SoCal cosmetology scene it’s important to have a more than just well executed salon services.


A successful salon is a combination of perfected skills, business knowledge, and wonderful customer service. We’re proud to say that each and every one of our graduates has been train and is ready to have a successful career in cosmetology. If you’re ready to find your passion, call Coba today and see just how easy it is to get started.