A Career that Works for You

Juggling life can be hard. Don’t add to your stress with a school schedule you can’t maintain and a career you can’t manage! A career in southern California cosmetology means having the freedom to continue doing the things you love. With flexible hours and morning or afternoon classes offered, you can achieve your goals without interrupting your daily routine.


Coba offers classes at two different times so that our students don’t have to drop everything they’re doing to attend school. We encourage our students to maintain a healthy balance between school and social life, happy students do better in school! Not only is your happiness important to us, but we also understand that school can be expensive. That’s why Coba makes it easy to attend school while maintaining a job throughout the program. Our instructor’s top priority are our students, they’re always willing to spend a little extra time with any student who feels they could benefit from it. Our hands-on method of teaching is part of the reason we have such high success rates. Our amazing graduates are what have put Coba at the top of the list for Southern California cosmetology schools.


Often time life doesn’t go the way it’s planned. Maybe that career you pursued isn’t working out or just doesn’t give you enough time anymore for your kiddos. Cosmetology gives you the opportunity to create your own schedule and work your own hours. Many Southern California cosmetology professionals work short hours and set their own rates. It’s a perfect career for mothers who want to focus more on their kids, or anybody who doesn’t want a typical 9-5 schedule. If you’ve been thinking about a career change, or if beauty is your passion, Coba is ready to assist you on taking the next step!


Don’t get stuck in a job, performing the same medial task every day, find a job where you can express your own style, creativity, and passions! A career in Southern California cosmetology gives you the freedom and excitement you’ve been looking for, with the flexibility and opportunity everybody’s after. With courses starting at the beginning of every month, there’s never been a better time to embark on something new. Call Coba today and allow us to assist you in chasing your dreams.